Dan (dlwhinery) wrote in singersclub,

 Hello, my name is Dan and I sing in an Indie Rock band from Seattle Washington.  

I'm pretty new to the singing game, and this is my first time ever singing professionally. We've been together around 8 months, so 8 months of singing altogether, with shows almost every week. 

My problem, is that quite often after shows, or practice, or just singing, I get hoarse. It doesn't affect my talking voice, and it isn't noticeable to other people, but I can't hit the notes that I normally can, and my voice breaks when I try.

Now keep in mind, the music we play isn't very vocally intensive. I do sing at a higher register and occasionally hit a few high notes, but never anything too difficult to achieve.

So why do I get hoarse? I realize the easy answer is that i'm doing something wrong vocally and to get a vocal coach, which is a great idea but also an expensive one.

So until I come across some money, any tips?

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