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Suggestions for audition pieces?

Hello everyone. I believe this is the second time I'm posting to this community, but I'll introduce myself and my current situation anyway. =)

I'm fourteen, and currently auditioning for a place in an arts school in my country. I have about, exactly, one month to prepare for it. I have no vocal teacher to coach me on the choice of pieces, and all I have are a few guidelines from the arts school: 1) Prepare two pieces within 10 minutes. 2) Present pieces of contrasting nature which display my capabilities and musical quality.

I have no idea how I'm going to choose my pieces. This is my very first major audition for anything at all and I can't help but feel a surge of trepidation because I'm so clueless about the choice of pieces.

I really hope you guys can suggest some pieces that will "display capabilities" and "musical quality", with contrasting nature. I have a few song choices in mind, but you can suggest other songs, this list is merely a very amateurish sort of suggestion.

I'm thinking of doing:

1) Not While I'm Around from Sweeney Todd
2) Think Of Me from Phantom of the Opera
3) Where Is Love from Oliver
4) Sound of Music from Sound of Music
5) The Scientist by Coldplay (They don't encourage pop songs, this was put into the list on a whim)

The School also suggests choosing a song that isn't too high or too low for me. I'm a soprano one, and can hit high G and above, but my safe range is around high E. You never know what will happen when in stage fright. =/

Also, they prefer it to be acapella, to hear the raw tone. I'm very frightened I'll go sharp or flat or something. =/

I really really hope you guys can help me. If you want to hear the tone of my voice, you can check out my Youtube channel, here: I've posted up some videos of me singing random songs.

Thank you so much in advance. Regards!

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