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Singing, Of course !!!

HHHiii, everyone !! Well, I'm Elodie , I like to sing and bla,bla,bla. I'm sure you've heard it all before so we're going to skip that part. Anyway, I entered a contest today  ( Youtube Idol '09 ) and it would be nice if you watched my video, comment it and rate it. Why ? Because the more views I have, the highest the ratings are and the more chances I've got to win ! So please, if you liked what I did in that video, rate high, comment and tell all your friends to do so ( if they have a Utube account and if they liked my video ) . This is certainly not an obligation :D but it would be kinda cool to be at least one of the finalists . So here's the link :  and i hope you'll enjoy it !!
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