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I'm thirteen, and started singing last year, but really got serious this past year.

I'm not in anything spectacular, really. I haven't had any chances to get into singing groups, and my parents are low on money, so we can't get a teacher (though they are aiming to get me one next year). Also, I'm homeschooled, so I don't have a chorus to sing in at my school. So that's not an option. However, my mom recently heard of a singer group which tours around the Eastern part of the US (it's where we live) and she's thinking of letting me audition to get in. It's nerve-racking just thinking about auditioning all by myself, but, if I get the chance, I think I'll do it. I really do want to sing.

As for talent, I'd say I'm alright. I personally think I have a really good range, being able to go far down, and far up. Tune? Well... I tend to find myself going flat when I'm just singing by myself, without the guitars, piano, whatever is playing with me. Also, I find I'm very reliant on the tune of the other singers. When I'm having a duet, and the other person begins to sing lower or higher, my voice automatically follows theirs, messing up the song. It's something I've been working on, and I've made some progress. 
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