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new here. =]

im new to this community. i have been singing since i was 5. i have always found music a great way to express myself. i love singing, but no one has ever really heard me sing. when im with my friends i always goof around and sing badly.. and when i try to sing for real, i get nervous and i suck.

i've had dreams of being a famous singer since i was a little kid. i know the chances are VERY slim. one in a million. not to mention the music business is screwed up completely. some actors are in a movie so they sing in a soundtrack and all of a suddent hey have a record deal and all this crazy crap and whatnot.. and then there are truly talented people who never make it. but the hope is always there for me. but im not expecting anything.

anywho.. i really love singing. anyone know any good vocal exercises/warm-ups? i would love to have somee!
thanks.. =)

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